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What People are Saying...

We have had such good feedback from so many people already. Take a look at some of the ways the book has impacted readers already.

Saad Bedros

"Thank you for sharing all the good experience you had about design driven development (D3) and how we end up with successful products by having an early stakeholders feedback"

Tim Voit

"After listening to a few of Tom KraMer's presentations, I now identify myself as a Creative Thinker"

Evan Dammer

"Congrats Tom KraMer on the publishing of your book! I’m looking forward to more of your thought leadership being published!"
“Other books on innovation I read and I’m just reading a book, but when I read this book, I hear your voice speaking to me from the pages”

Mario Barron Aguilar

Frank Jaskulke

"You should track this book down. Tom brings a great perspective, practical experience, and an approachable style."

Barb Danson

"Whew, that last half of the book … for anyone who is head of an R&D department, that section was a goldmine for improving their processes!"
"It was a very interesting discussion! Thank you, Tom KraMer!"
I also agree that your book has a “voice”, so it really can’t be considered a textbook, but rather is a conversation!

Kathrine Welchel, College Professor

"Read your book and think its great!"

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